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Redev Properties Ltd.

This website is maintained by Redev Properties Ltd. (the “company”), mind the developer and manager of the properties listed in the “Portfolio”, pills who is responsible for the overall management of the properties. Acting as principal the developer and manager offers titled interests in the properties (the undivided Interest) directly to interested parties only by way of a term sheet and agreement for purchase and sale. The developer continues in a property management role at the sole discretion of, and, under the control of the titled holders. All substantive actions with regard to the operation and eventual sale of any property are subject a vote of all title holders in all matters.

Not a Security

Investment in the properties managed by the Company is an investment in a titled (undivided interest in the properties and therefore is a real estate investment and not therefore not a security. The company acts as principal in selling the properties and does not require licensing not registration with the Securities and Futures commission in Hong Kong or under similar regulators in other jurisdictions. Acting as principal the company offers titled interests in the properties (the undivided Interest) directly to interested parties only by way of a term sheet and agreement for purchase and sale. The terms and conditions of sale are contained entirely in the term sheets and sale and purchase agreement pertaining to a subject property. The terms and conditions therein form the entire agreement between the investor (Buyer) and the company (Seller). No other representation or warranty offered in any form or other promotional materials published by any party. Investors should be aware that they do not enjoy the protections which are provided under securities regulation.

Not a collective investment

Interests in the properties may be bought and offered for resale at any time at the absolute discretion of the Investor. Property management is provided under contract to the owners of the properties. All property management matters including the retention of the property manager and the disposals of property are subject to the sole absolute discretion of the investor. As the investment and management of the properties is under the direction and control of the owner the investment cannot be considered a collective investment Scheme. No securities regulator has approved the purchase and sale agreements for the properties and the investor should be aware that the purchase and sale agreement may not offer the same protections as those required under approved offerings under Collective investment rules.

No Offer or Solicitation

This website is for information purposes only, as such, it contains descriptions of the properties and general information about real estate and real estate investing for illustration and information purposes only. Nothing on this website is, nor may be construed to be, a solicitation or offer by the company for the sale of any property. Interested parties should contact the company directly to seek further information.

No Representations With Respect to Accuracy

Although the asset manager strives to display the most current information on the website, no representation or warranty is made with respect to the accuracy or reliability of such information. Prospective purchasers of the joint venture projects should not rely solely on the information contained in this website.

No Advice

No information contained in this website is intended to constitute investment, financial, tax, legal, or accounting advice. Prospective purchasers should contact their own professional advisors, or investment professionals to receive appropriate investment, financial, tax, legal, accounting, and suitability advice prior to investing in any of properties under management.

Past gains do not ensure future returns

Investments of all classes of equity are subject to market fluctuations, as such investors must be aware that despite their diligent and ongoing best efforts, the company cannot guarantee any particular rate of return or indeed any return on any property offered by the company.

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